We have recently been taking part in the filming of programe about making toasters. The episode will air later in the year on the Discovery channel as part of the popular “How its made” series that examines in detail how some every day objects or products that we often take for granted are made.

This episode in question is looking at how Rowlett Rutland toasters are made. We were very happy to collaborate with the production company and  were able to share some or our knowledge, skills and many years of experience with them. We are the suppliers of the protective finger guards that are fitted over the hot elements in the toaster. During the course of their visit (which took place after hours to avoid interrupting our production line) they filmed several of our processes including automated welding, blanking and forming using our latest machines and technology.

Rowlett Rutland Toasters

Rowlett Rutland toasters are ergonomically designed gems of technology, with craftsmanship, durability, style and individuality at their core using the highest quality materials such as stainless steel. Rowlett toasters are renowned for being the best there is worldwide. We are delighted to be suppliers to such a prestigious product and proud that our manufacturing standards meet their “world best” specification.

You can see more about Rowlett Rutland toasters here

About Peter Perks Ltd

We have been manufacturing wirework used for guards and baskets for many years and have produced many different variations for our customers. Our aim is always to manufacture highest quality products at competitive prices. We have strong relationships with our customers are able to offer them a high level of service. You can see more about our wirework on these pages >>

If you would like to see the finished programe you can check here on the How It’s Made  You Tube  web site.

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