Studrail horse fence is easy to put up when handled correctly. Please bear in mind that despite its ease of installation you are constructing a robust high tensile fence that needs to be suitable for horses and ponies.

Plan For Your Horse Fence

Make a plan for your horse fence before you start work. Good fences can be formal or informal in appearance, yet all need to be well built and carefully planned. Many experienced horse owners can tell you stories about the planned savings from cheaper, but unsafe, horse fence (barbed wire, for example) eventually being paid out in vets bills to treat injured horses.

The best planning involves a layout drawn to scale that shows proposed gates, fence lines and where fences might need ro cross a ditch or other obstacles. plan in routes for supplies and water, vehicle access, and mowing equipment.

Construct Strong Bracing and Strainers

To hold the high tensile wire within Studrail taught the start and end of each run be sure to construct a strong end brace or strainer. We recommend using a New Zealand Brace or diagonal strut system either of which will provide the solid support needed to make your fence strong and secure. Details on how how to construct braces or strainers here >>

Studrail tip: We recommend post spacings between 6ft and 10ft. (The best results are achieved with close post spacings). We do not recommend straining more than 100 metres per run.

Setting Your Fence Posts

Intermediate posts can be spaced at 6-10ft intervals. The Studrail should be erected along the centre line of the straining posts with intermediate offset. Closer spacing of posts will facilitate neater looking turns or the navigation of odd shapes.

Fence post diagram
Fence post diagram

Studrail Tip: The best results are achieved with close post spacings

Attaching The Studrail

Roll out the Studrail on the fixing side, cut back at one end sufficient plastic to expose the wire. Pass through pre-drilled holes in the straining post and tighten ratchets securing one end.

horse fence vice fixing
Horse fence post ratchet diagram

Fixing Horse Fence To The Posts

Hang up the Studrail at suitable intervals by tacking brackets on. Make sure that the Studrail is not twisted.

Tighten the ratchets at the other end and finally fix by hammering down the brackets with nails or screwing tightly on all the intermediate posts to ensure a good, straight rail.

horse fence bracket

Making Joints

To save waste, Studrail can be joined by the use of links. Cut back the plastic leaving a tongue and simply slide on.

Studrail tip: We sell the links needed to join rolls together remember to add them to your order
studrail joints