CNC Wire Forming Machine – increased capacity

UK manufacturer Peter Perks Ltd have taken delivery of a Robomac 310 wire forming machine. This significantly increases our wire forming capacity as this powerful machine can  form 8mm and 10mm wire. These diameters are particularly useful for heavier duty wirework applications such as  point of sale equipment for the retail environment, trolleys, and  framed [...]

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200m Brown Studrail 4 inch

4 inch Brown Studrail 200m length Off spec - wire showing in places Price £240 + vat There will be nothing wrong with the strength or function of this studrail. Please telephone 01293 427200 before ordering to check if still available. Delivery FOC. VAT Extra.  

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Peter Perks Ltd onTV

We have recently been taking part in the filming of programe about making toasters. The episode will air later in the year on the Discovery channel as part of the popular "How its made" series that examines in detail how some every day objects or products that we often take for granted are made. This episode in question [...]

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How To Brace High Tension Horse Fences

The key to an effective tension fence is high-tensile wire that is able to withstand constant fence tension, as well as tension increases due to animal impact or even cold-weather contraction. It is worth noting that all high-tension fences are constructed of high-tensile wire but not all fences made of [...]

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How to install Studrail horse fencing

Plan For Your Horse Fence Make a plan for your horse fence before you start work. Good fences can be formal or informal in appearance, yet all need to be well built and carefully planned. Many experienced horse owners can tell you stories about the planned savings from cheaper, but unsafe, horse fence (barbed wire, [...]

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